Hello! Welcome to Anti-Anxiety Income. I’m Elle, a 20-something control freak whose biggest fear is early-onset Alzheimer’s that will be brought on by my constant worrying. (Don’t worry, I see how ridiculous this is too.)

Money has almost always been a source of stress in my life. Not having enough, not knowing how to make more, learning how to budget, learning about investments; all of these have taken up too much space in my brain for too long.

At 18, I decided money was evil and I would only need enough to live and be happy. Unfortunately, I was already in debt but I decided to ignore them (though they nagged at me always in the back of my mind).

I lived pay check to pay check, paying bills when I felt like it and not caring if they were late, blowing cash on food and clothes and books and not worrying a bit about saving.

When my lease started to come to an end I became anxious to move to another city but my terrible financial decisions had me moving back in with my Mother. Suddenly, money didn’t seem evil. It seemed like freedom. Everything I wanted at that time was dependent on money. I wanted to move, I wanted a car, I wanted to further my education, but I couldn’t do any of those things without some dough.

Fast forward to today:

I’m married, my debts were paid and replaced by a mortgage, I’ve learned to budget (though I still struggle sometimes) and I have gained useful work experience. Most importantly I’ve decided my goal is to find a balance between “money is useless” and “money is the answer to everything”. I don’t need to be super rich, but I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck either.

So what’s the Anti-Anxiety Income? It’s a record of my journey toward my financial goals. I want to make money by doing things that excite me, surprise me, and make me happy. I want to make enough to pay off my home, to travel, to buy fancy ingredients and to never be late on a single payment again.

Not having enough money is stressful. Having the goal of being super rich and only working for money is stressful. I want balance, I want freedom, and I want to get paid!


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